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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Martin Fridson Embraces The Big Lie To Challenge The Big Short

Martin Fridson Embraces The Big Lie To Challenge The Big Short


  1. Wall Street Journal - Opinion Journal Video: Fannie Mae’s Dangerous Experiment
    12/30/2015 1:29PM
    Assistant Editorial Page Editor James Freeman on the dangers lurking behind the taxpayer-backed insurers’ plans to issue a new type of mortgage bond.
    Watch the video posted below after the 15 second ad paid for by - - -

    1. Don't have enough time to deconstruct everything in Opinion Journal. Here's what I wrote about one of Freeman's earlier efforts.

    2. This is a classic example of unbiased reporting by the WJS at its ABSOLUTE WORST!

      The GSEs are doing exactly what the talking heads in Washington have been advocating since the housing market breakdown. REDUCING THE RISK TO THE TAXPAYERS by issuing the these new bonds.

      The only difference is that the banks did not come up with the idea first. . . AND had a bank come up with the idea you can bet the WJS would be all in favor of it.

      The WJS is clearly looking out for the banks, not the American taxpayer.

  2. For as long as I can remember, decades, there's been a chasm between the Journal's news reporting sections and its editorial page. Everybody can quibble, but I like the straight news section. From what I've seen they try to avoid tipping their hand one way or other.